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An aerial view of Caribou Falls hydroelectric station.

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From our latest projects, to our use of innovative technologies, stay up to date on the latest news from Laurentis Energy Partners.

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Laurentis develops new sorting facility for OPG in Kincardine

Laurentis Energy Partners, in partnership with Dancor Construction Ltd. as the contractor, plans to develop a new nuclear-materials sorting facility i...

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Regulatory approval supports Laurentis’s program to produce the medical isotope Molybdenum-99 in Ontario for BWXT Medical

Molybdenum-99 (Mo-99) is a much-needed medical isotope used in over 40 million procedures each year, helping to detect illnesses like cancer and heart...

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Our Stories

Agreement on OPG-patented Breaker Racking Tool leads to Laurentis’s first royalty cheque from Amidyne Solutions

Responsible for providing support and managing the relationship and interaction between OPG and Amidyne, Laurentis received their first royalty cheque...

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Media Releases

Laurentis Energy Partners launches Helium-3 production

Laurentis Energy Partners today announced a new program to produce Helium-3 (He-3), a rare isotope used in quantum computing, neutron research, border...

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