New nuclear services

The world needs new nuclear. The world needs Laurentis.

In a changing climate, the need for clean, safe, and reliable electricity is growing every day. Around the world, utilities, energy companies, and large industrial clients are looking to nuclear power to help meet this need. And when you turn to nuclear, you turn to Laurentis—a proven leader in nuclear power.

New nuclear services

As demand for clean, reliable power continues to rise, there is renewed interest globally in the advantages of nuclear energy. With extensive expertise in nuclear power and a commitment to helping clients unlock the promise of this low-carbon, high-impact technology, Laurentis is uniquely positioned to help meet this growing demand.

From Micro Modular Reactors, to Small Modular Reactors, to new, large-scale nuclear reactor facilities, Laurentis provides end-to-end engineering and business solutions to help clients meet a diverse range of energy needs and bring new nuclear projects to life.

Project Management Office for new nuclear

Laurentis’s new nuclear project management teams have the expertise to take new nuclear projects from conception to fruition. Learn more about the specific services offered by Laurentis’s nuclear project management and operations experts.

Project services

Laurentis’s new nuclear project services include: feasibility studies and business case preparation to support board or government approvals; site licensing and environmental assessment; project planning, including cost and schedule preparation; establishment of independent oversight bodies to review decision making prudency; waste management plans and strategies to support application processes; and, decommissioning plans and strategies to support application process, including feasibility studies.


Laurentis’s Owner's Engineer support services include: vendor oversight on schedule, cost, and quality; contract management; construction oversight; vendor oversight for the development of nuclear safety analysis and design basis; vendor oversight on the development of operational procedures and policies that comply with regulatory basis; maintenance programs and plans; lifecycle management plans; component and performance engineering support (fleet-based approach); and, operations engineering.

Licensing and regulatory affairs

Laurentis’s licensing and regulatory affairs team is composed of experts whose focus is on achieving a high level of regulatory compliance while remaining agile enough to enable innovation. Services offered include: compliance support; training support and leadership development; licensing support for renewals, amendments or new licenses (including Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) and regulatory engagement on future licensing activities); reporting requirements; public, stakeholder and Indigenous engagement; strategic regulatory consulting; health physics, radiation protection, and decontamination support; and, strategic advice.

Operator readiness

Laurentis’s operator readiness services include: operations training; operational expertise for commissioning, start-up and turnover planning; and, operations engineering.

Executive advisory services

Running a nuclear energy project is a big task with many moving parts. Reliable, experienced and trusted advisors are a critical component of success. From project planning to budgeting to regulatory approvals and engineering, Laurentis’s executive advisory services are prepared to help you navigate any issue and keep your project on track.

Laurentis has been a nuclear pioneer since day one, so we are more than ready to step up and help lead the world through the nuclear renaissance that is so essential to fighting climate change. Nuclear is what we do. Let us help you get results.
Kamlesh Roy
Vice President of Finance