Indigenous engagement

Leading by example

Laurentis believes that, as an energy leader, part of its mission is to improve the communities in which it operates. This means acknowledging the past harms done to Indigenous Peoples and working in partnership towards reconciliation.

The pillars of Laurentis’s Reconciliation Action Plan

In 2024, Laurentis presented a Reconciliation Action Plan to create meaningful impacts through strengthened relationships, economic development, and promoting Indigenous inclusion in the workforce.


Establishing performance metrics and reporting structure, creating Indigenous relations policies, and issuing leadership statements to ensure company-wide adherence.


Teaching Indigenous cultural awareness, internally and externally promoting actions towards reconciliation, employee learning spaces, an Indigenous awareness month, and special events.


Review hiring practices and develop Indigenous recruitment and advancement policies, including a mentorship program to support Indigenous employees.

Community and economic engagement

Develop a supplier diversity policy to support Indigenous business, build an Indigenous supplier database, and engage with and donate to Indigenous charities.

Health and wellness

Include Indigenous employees in review of work and safety policies, research an Elders in residence program, and provide trauma support for Indigenous employees in response to events.

Reconciliation in action

Download Laurentis’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) and learn how the company is putting words into action.