Nuclear lifecycle services

Keeping nuclear plants online

The average age of a nuclear reactor is 31 years. As nuclear energy plants age, keeping them operating safely and efficiently is critical to meeting climate goals while ensuring a stable supply of clean, affordable energy. Laurentis has the experience and expertise to help clients along the entire lifecycle of a nuclear reactor, from inspections and maintenance, to complete refurbishment, all the way to decommissioning and safely managing all waste products.

Services to sustain nuclear

Laurentis offers a range of expertise to keep nuclear power plants running safely and efficiently, including nuclear inspection and reactor maintenance services, balance of plant inspections and services, lifecycle management strategies, and nuclear design and engineering. Browse Laurentis’s nuclear lifecycle services below.

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PMO for refurbishment

From improvements to plant performance to component and system lifecycle management strategies that extend the life of components, Laurentis brings best in class nuclear management and operations experience to bear on your project.

Maintenance and inspection

Maintenance and inspections

Supported by advanced tooling and expert staff, Laurentis’s services include Spacer Location and Repositioning, Single Fuel Channel Replacement, Channel Inspection and Gauging Apparatus for Reactors, and Remotely Piloted Aircraft System inspections.

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Nuclear waste

With the completion of its game-changing Western Clean-Energy Sorting and Recycling facility and its Hamilton Clean-Energy Materials Sorting and Recycling Initiative partnership with McMaster University, Laurentis’s specialized nuclear waste knowledge can help client projects meet environmental objectives.

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Licensing and regulatory affairs

Laurentis understands what regulators and oversight bodies expect from nuclear operators, and has a team dedicated to helping clients ensure compliance and continued operation in the face of regulatory challenges.

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Over the life of a reactor, operators will encounter challenges from detritiation to the replacement of components to system performance. Laurentis has a strong track record of delivering engineered solutions that improve plant performance and keep nuclear power plants online.

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Laurentis delivers cutting-edge and reliable nuclear energy solutions for clients globally.

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Laurentis trains nuclear specialists from around the world in every discipline of the industry, including project management, inspections and maintenance, refurbishment, and engineering.

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