June 10, 2020
7 min read

Laurentis Employees Do Their Part to Fight COVID-19

When Connor Chan and Sean Kloosterman heard about the COVID-19 pandemic, they knew they couldn't just sit down and do nothing. Connor felt a special need to offer some help considering his mother is a nurse, and he remembers how life was for their family when SARS was a serious threat in 2003.

Connor Chan, Assistant Technical Engineer
Connor Chan, Assistant Technical Engineer

"I remember how everything was like when my mom would come home from work when the SARS outbreak happened. Creating medical clips for my mom to wear at work was the least thing for me to do," says Connor Chan, Assistant Technical Engineer, Laurentis Energy Partners.

Sean saw the same need to help in some way, given the magnitude of the pandemic and witnessing firsthand how his neighbours were struggling to keep their personal protective equipment in place during their shifts as frontline workers in the medical field.

Sean Kloosterman, Senior Technical Engineer
Sean Kloosterman, Senior Technical Engineer

"I wanted to help out in some way. Our frontline workers are doing a lot day in and out…to me, my contribution is a small gesture," says Sean Kloosterman, Senior Technical Engineer, Laurentis Energy Partners.

Both Laurentis Energy Partners employees dedicated their personal time and resources to create surgical mask clips to help frontline workers combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Sean and Connor combined have created more than 200 clips using their own 3D printers and they've been steadily producing clips for more than 7 weeks.

"Two great guys who have stepped up to support their local communities," says Warner Anderson, Field Operations Manager, Laurentis Energy Partners.

These Laurentis heroes, refuse to accept any money or materials for producing the clips. They look at the process as a matter of giving back to their communities in its very time of need.

Medical clips made with a 3D printer
Medical clips made with a 3D printer

Connor and Sean's selfless contributions, did not stop there. Warner heard about what Sean and Connor were doing on a local level and he asked if the two would be able to create clips to support some workers executing a SLAR campaign at both Bruce Power plants. There was a serious need for mask clips as workers were constantly touching their faces to adjust their masks - a serious threat considering the pandemic at hand. The two Laurentis employees did not hesitate to lend a helping hand; they both created numerous clips to help workers from constantly adjusting their masks and touching their faces too.

"When asked how we could reimburse them both, they rejected any compensation. These are true team players," says Warner.

The battle against COVID-19 has become a safer one because of the selfless acts of Laurentis employees like Connor and Sean.