August 25, 2020
7 min read

Andrew Lukomski: Leading by Example

Andrew Lukomski
Andrew Lukomski

When Andrew Lukomski joined Laurentis Energy Partners in December 2018 on a rotation, he was determined to use his new opportunity as one to create meaningful change, not for himself, but for millions of Canadians who rely on the medical isotope industry.

Andrew came to this role equipped with more than 10 years of project management experience in various positions at Ontario Power Generation (OPG). Andrew is skilled at what he does however instead of taking complete control of the projects he manages, he prefers to take on the role of teacher, to help members on the team he oversees to reach their full potential.

I am a subservient leader. I prefer to not get too involved instead I would like to facilitate leadership among my team to help them understand the whole project management process.
Andrew Lukomski
Section Manager, Laurentis Energy Partners

With Andrew's experience in project management, he quickly became a key asset for Laurentis and was offered a position as a section manager under the Commercial Services of Laurentis overseeing the Molybdenum-99 project. Laurentis manages various high profile commercial isotope projects in the medical and nuclear isotope industry from Molybdenum-99 (Mo-99) to Tritium (H-3). The medical attributes of Mo-99 peaked Andrew's interest because Molybdenum-99 is used to aid in millions of diagnostic and medical imaging tests to help detect life-threatening illnesses like cancer and heart disease. Given the life-altering impacts of working under Laurentis' Commercial Services division especially on the Molybdenum-99 project, Andrew was immediately drawn to it, given he has family members affected by the harsh realities of Cancer.

"What motivates me to come to work everyday is the knowledge that my role is bigger than I am. The medical attributes of Molybdenum-99 affects millions of lives. I understand what I do on a daily basis, has the power to create and affect positive change in Canada and the world," says Andrew.

As Andrew continues to thrive in his role, he prefers to focus on the future and how he can transfer the skills he has learned along his more than 10 year journey as a project manager. He wants to create a foundation of success for the employees he manages. Andrew is able to do this by taking on the role as a teacher to create a successful system to grow the skillset of his direct reports. With the foundation he is creating, Andrew is hoping it will sustain long term operations for project management at Laurentis. This is why Andrew is more than happy to share the successes he has acquired along the way as well as encouraging employees to question the various systems in place. He wants to instill this mindset as a means to finding new ways to approach a project; as well as encouraging staff to learn from their mistakes as a way to reach their full potential.

"What I want to do is pass on knowledge to the team. I have lots of years of experience in projects so I'm trying to create a strong foundation for project management success in the careers of the staff I'm mentoring. For me to have this knowledge and not pass it on, is simply a waste of time," says Andrew.