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Laurentis’s production of Helium-3 supports research, security, health care and high-tech industries

"Our advanced He-3 technology is an example of Laurentis engineers and project managers delivering innovative solutions to move the energy industry forward."

Jason Van Wart, Vice President of Laurentis.

He-3 One Minute Video

Laurentis's Mike Lefebvre (right) and OPG's Don Perrie (left) inspect He-3 Tool

"Laurentis is becoming a major player in the isotope field, now involved in Molybdenum-99, He-3 and others. The production of He-3 bodes well for many future opportunities in isotopes, including new innovations, partnerships and advancements. I’m excited to watch and be involved in Laurentis’s continued growth as a leader and innovator in the clean-energy industry."

Jennifer Chapin, Project Director at Laurentis.